Refresh your garden this summer with beautiful new flowers

It’s summertime in Florida! And now is the perfect time to plant and enjoy a variety of colorful flowers in Central Florida. Many types of flowers thrive in our warm springs and sizzling summers. And, you can find the perfect flowering plants for that pop of color you’re longing for here at Earthscapes Garden Room.

Consider these flowering plants to create the outdoor living environment you desire:

Florida Sweethearts

Also called Angel Wings and Elephant Ears, these striking plants thrive when the ground is warmer than 70 degrees. This summer favorite has large leaves of brilliant rose-pink with contrasting green edges. This dependable performer grows in shade, part shade, or sun and loves the heat! They look great planted on their own or grouped with other perennials.


This low maintenance plant will bloom year-round. The pretty pink, red, and white blooms signal spring’s arrival that segues into summer’s arrival, and will flourish almost anywhere you put them. Most root easily from cuttings and have attractive foliage when not in bloom. There are many varieties, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Give them lots of water, a little shade, and watch them hold up to Florida’s hot, humid summer.

Orange Marmalade

This versatile, gorgeous plant has orange or apricot colored flowers and lovely, shiny foliage. Great as a perennial for Central and Southern Florida, it’s the perfect choice for your sun-baked flower beds and borders. Plant it in full sun to partial sun with adequate drainage. Also lovely as a flowering houseplant, try accenting it with a contrasting container to highlight the stunning orange blooms.


Also called Egyptian Star Flowers or Egyptian Star Clusters these pretty plants thrive in areas that rarely frost, so they’re perfect for the Central and South Florida climates. In fact, you’ll often see pentas growing tall and used as hedges in the south. Very easy to plant and grow, they bloom year-round with beautiful hues of red, pink, blue, lavender, or white and have velvet-textured foliage. Plant in sun to partial shade and don’t overwater. An added bonus: Butterflies love them!

Rain Lilies

Called Rain Lilies because they are known to bloom after a rain, these striking plants love the heat and are great for landscaping and border areas. The petite blossoms of pink, yellow, or white bloom in late spring and are at their peak with abundant blossoms throughout the summer. They need regular watering to keep the grass-like foliage lush and healthy. Once established, they spread and the blooms will multiply with lots of blooms on every leaf.

Wishbone Flowers

Also known as a Clown Flowers for its brightly colored flowers resembling a clown’s face, this unique looking plant will thrive in your garden until the first frost. The shape resembles tiny snap dragons marked with contrasting colors of purple, blue, and yellow. These grow best in part sun to shade and are compact, growing to a height of 6-12 inches. Also available in other colors and varieties, these enchanting plants bloom in spring, summer, and fall!

Golden Shrimp Plant

These exotic shrub-like plants form clumps of upright stems tipped with bright yellow bracts and delicate white flowers. Popular as landscape plants, they flourish in full sun to part shade and grow to heights of three to four feet. They love the summer rain, and best of all, they bloom non-stop nearly all year long.

Visit Earthscapes Garden Room

These are just a few of the many varieties of flowering plants to choose from. Whether you want flowers for landscaping, flowerbed borders, window boxes, or containers, there’s something just right for you. Visit Earthscapes Garden Room to find your favorites today!